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Meet Essencia da Natureza

VariousMeet Essencia da Natureza

Imagine beeing in Brazil by drinking the new tea flavors from Essência da Natureza. (Portuguese for the essence of nature) This is a range of seventeen blends of traditional Brazilian teas, perfect to enjoy during the holiday season (Tip: Green with Envy – Guaraná, Cinnamon & Clove) and whole year round.
With 30 unbleached tea bags per can, we combine a passion for nature and health in a comforting tea moment.

We believe living a pure life is embodied by appreciating the inseparable bond between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Taking care of them all is key to enjoying a full life.

Tea that gives you more than that wonderful moment on the couch. For example, if you want to feel good about yourself, want to work on your immunity or just need a boost. On the packaging you can quickly see for what type your tea is by looking at the category. We have a Cleanse, Defense, Detox, Revitalise, Energy boost, Balance and a Daily category.

The Essência da Natureza Tea Assortment offers a selection of unique, high-quality plant-based products in unbleached tea bags.

We blend teas that harness the natural health and wellbeing properties of Amazon botanicals

to support the essence of living a pure life. Capturing the spirit of South America one sip at a time.

When selecting ingredients, we use as many plant-based ingredients as possible. The ingredients used in our products are free from animal ingredients, so all products are suitable for vegans.

We are committed to preserving the Amazon and its inhabitants and always try to negotiate a fair price with our sustainable growers.

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