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About us


About us

Our brand, Essência da Natureza or Essence of Nature, is all about living a pure life. We believe living a pure life is embodied by appreciating the inseparable bond between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Taking care of them all is key to enjoying a full life.

We started the Essência da Natureza brand out of a passion for natural health and tea. In other words, the essence of nature. Because nature has a lot to offer you. We think it’s nice if your tea, in addition to a daily moment of enjoyment, also has something extra for can mean to you.

The Essência da Natureza Tea Assortment offers a selection of unique, high-quality plant products in unbleached tea bags.

We make teas from plants from the South American Amazon that are traditionally used there for their natural health and wellness properties.

When selecting ingredients, we use as many plant-based ingredients as possible. The ingredients used in our products are free from animal ingredients, so all products are suitable for vegans.

We are committed to preserving the Amazon and its inhabitants and always try to negotiate a fair trade price with our sustainable growers.

The environment is also important to us. Our shipping boxes contribute to reforestation, 2 trees are planted per 500 boxes. The box itself is made from at least 60% recycled material and is fully recyclable. It is produced locally in Europe, so with a lower transport footprint compared to goods that are produced outside Europe and then imported. And it uses paper pulp obtained from responsibly managed forests and sawmills.

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